Frequently asked questions

What is Snack the Globe?

Thanks for asking! We are a subscription box full of snacks from abroad and within Canada. Our purpose is to expose you to several cultures in a fun and interesting way. Learn more in our about page.

What is the Oxford Snack Box?

The Oxford Box is a one-time, limited edition box that contains great snacks from local businesses in Oxford County. It includes a guide with some intersting facts about the area and a little more information about the snacks you are consuming. Learn more about the Oxford Snack Box!

How long will it take me to receive my box?

Delivery & pickup for the Oxford Snack Box will start on July 5th. If you live inside Oxford County, you will receive your box in up to two days after placing your order. Outside of Oxford County, delivery times will vary depending on the shipping times determined by Canada Post at the moment of sending your order. Usually it will take from 2 to 6 business days.

Weather Disclaimer

If weather conditions prevent a prompt delivery of your box, we are not liable for spoilt snacks. However, rest assured that we will always try to ensure the integrity of your snacks while they are handled by us. During the summer months, we try to avoid sending chocolate and other snacks that might melt due to heat until temperature no longer poses a risk. If any of these products are included in your box, we are not liable for melted snacks. Please note that melted snacks are not considered damaged items for the purposes of refunds or product replacements.

Can I cancel or change my order?

You can cancel or change your order 48 hours after placing your order. Due to the intensive fulfillment process of our business, once this time has elapsed, we are not able to cancel or change any order any order. If you would like to add an additional box, please place a new order here. For cancelling your order or requesting a change other than the addition of a box, please fill the contact form beside.

Where and when will I get an order confirmation?

You will receive an order confirmation and invoice on the email address provided on your order right after placing it.

Where do you ship?

We ship to any address in Canada! Our business is proud to spread travel and culture through snacks from sea to sea.

Can I return any items or a box?

We do not accept returns of any kind. Please understand that since we work with food, accepting returns can be risky for our supply chain and the integrity of others' orders. If you have a problem with an item, please fill the form besides.

Allergies Disclaimer

Your health is super important for us! Whenever nutritional information is not in English, we will include a list of the ingredients each snack contains so that you can decide if it is safe for you to eat them or not. By proceeding to place an order, you will forgo any claims against our business for allergic reactions upon consumption. Going ahead with an order implies you are aware of our policies, product risks and that you consent with this disclaimer.

Product Safety

We love our clients! As you would with anybody you love, we ensure that everything that is sent to you is safe for consumption. We only work with suppliers with proven records of food safety and standards comparable to Health Canada regulations (for companies abroad). During the handling of the product in our warehouse, our team closely follows food safety procedures, cleaning standards and hygiene policies.

Supply Chain Responsibility

At the core of our busines is learning about new cultures and the people that build their social fabric. This is why we do not tolerate any practices that contravene applicable international treaties on modern human slavery, child labour, workplace safety and minimum labour conditions. We also strive to purchase from environmentally-responsible manufacturers. However, due to varying development conditions around the globe and different laws on environmental impact, we cannot always guarantee the snacks on your box are produced in the greenest way possible.