We start out with what we like and  what people between ages 16 and 24 like. We profile a lot of audiences and we brainstorm with not just ourselves but among our friends. Our goal is to constantly get feedback from our customers and our well wishes. We also make sure to build products that are ideally catered to the specific age groups. Overall, we plan on bringing creative ideas, designs, and interesting products for the specified age group with a very reasonable price. 



When it comes to designing, we tryout various design techniques. With the market research we do, we can figure out what is best for our audience. 


We finish off with selecting the best products in the market and the best raw materials. Our venders that help us, take our designs and produce the high quality products that keeps our customers happy. We are very selective about who we partner with and how we select our venders. Because of this, our end products that we ship caters to the right age group with the right kind of creative designs along with the right price and quality.

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