Krz Creationz is a small business that provides iPhone cases, hoodies, and custom accessories. Our goal is to "add color, creativity, positivity, and some krazyness" into your lives.



Nikita Swaminathan (creator/co-founder) - She loves to express her interests and creativity in many different areas, which helped her create Krz Creationz. When she's not working, she loves to play tennis, spend time with family & friends, and also binge watch a few of her favorite tv shows. 

Angela Doncsev (designer/co-founder) - She loves to draw and express her creativity through the artworks she makes. Her dream is to become a doctor to help those in need. Outside of her busy life, she loves to play sports, spend time with loved ones, and plays with her two adorable cats.

Mira Doncsev (designer/model) - She is a person of all interests, including the field of arts, theatre, singing, as well as modeling. She expresses her creativity in many different areas, which is what makes her unique and the person she is. When she isn’t occupied with her works and studies, she loves to play tennis, spend time with her family, and plays with her kittens.